DIY Barstools

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September 11, 2011 by Molly

So just an FYI, this is a re-post, to let all of our new readers what we are capable of here at Face Lift. It was originally posted on the wedding blog Molly writes for, A Sweet Disorder in a Dress.

YAY! I am admitably proud of myself for this! I had these two TERRIBLE black bar stools that were left in my apartment by the previous tennent and I put up with them for a whole year because I had nothing to replace them with and no energy to redo them with the wedding chaos. So FINALLY they are better!

So I bought some really pretty fabric and simply stabled it around the existing pleather.

Then I spreay painted them silver. I liked the satin nickle finish by Rustoleum better than what I ended up with. But the satin nickle was twice the price for half the paint.

My dog, Alli, likes them too.

Got to love the crap left by the past tennents.


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