Lazy Thursday DIY Pillow

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September 15, 2011 by Molly

I was terribly bored today and had no real projects or work (well nothing I already had supplies for anyway). So, here I was making a very small pillow.  This project literally cost me NOTHING! Which is a plus!


Fabric left over from the bar stools in the kitchen

Batting from an old worn down pillow. Refluffed and pulled it is nearly good as new.

I already had all sweing supplies. I turned the fabric inside out and used it around the seems.  YAY!

Trying to use every scrap of fabric!


Yes it is a little uneven but it works


Gross old pillow...


Yes it is a little lumpy also...


But I still enjoy it!

I hope everyone enjoys this… I enjoyed wasting my day on this project.





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